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New Budget Process - AE

New Budget Process - AE

The Above Video is a recording from a training on the new Budgeting Module and below are step by step instructions to access the Budget Template.

1. Please navigate to Lists -> Budgets. You will see a similar view as shown below. Note: If your station hasn’t been configured for 2018 Budgets, you will see only the budget templates for 2017.

2. Under the budget column, please click on the budget year and type that you would like to access.

Note: If you select 2017 Budgets, you will see the below screen shot which is the old Budget interface. So you still have the ability to edit/access your 2017 budget template.

-If you select the 2018 Budget, you will have several choices.

  • Automatically Fill Out Budget

The Automatically Fill Out Budget function allow you to fill out the budget numbers based on the last year Forecast. 

WARNING – Selecting Automatically Fill Out Budget OVERWRITES any existing data. 

After you click on Automatically Fill out Budget, you will see the below screen shot. 

Once you select the forecast year, you will see the below screen shot. On this screen you can enter the percentage that you would like your budget numbers to increase by.  Then click Fill out Budget.

Note: Please enter the percentage number into the Baseline increase text box on the top if you would like to apply the same percentage into budget template OR enter the percentage number into the increase by text box next to each month if you would like to apply the different percentage number for each month.

  • Work through my budget by attributes

The function allows you to view/edit the budget by the attributes ( ex. Account, Outlet, Revenue type) that you select. 

 In this example, the attribute of Account is selected, you will see a similar screenshot as shown below.

Note: To choose another account, click the Next button on the bottom right OR click the account name on the right top, then type in the account name and select it from the pop-up list as shown in the below screen shot.

--There is no Save button. Budget numbers are saved as soon as you press Tab on your keyboard to go to the next field.

  • Export Budget

To export Budget, please click Lists -> Budgets -> click on the menu next to the budget template name on the right -> select Export. Budget template will be exported into Excel. 

  • View Budget Change Logs

This function allows you to see who edited the budget,  when the budget was edited, and other details. To access the Budget Change Logs, please navigate to Lists -> Budgets -> click on the menu next to the budget template name on the right -> select View budget change logs

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