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Recommended Manager Reports

As you likely know, Matrix offers a powerful reporting engine to help analyze past, present, and future business. Each available report offers a different way to slice and dice your data, but sometimes you just need to know where to start.

Reporting 101

New to Matrix? Check out these videos on Setting up a Report, In-Report Functionality, and Saving and Sharing a Report.



Reports you’ll want to see:

  • Forecast/Weighted Forecast Report: (Suggested hierarchy - Salesperson > Account > Outlet > Rev Type)
    • Answers the question:
      • Are current projections on target to hit your revenue goals?

  • Activity Report(No hierarchy required, but you can filter based on Activity Type and Salesperson)
    • Answers the question:
      • What is my team currently working on, and is there enough activity to fill the pipeline?

  • Pacing with Sales Stages Report(Suggested hierarchy – Salesperson > Account)
    • Answers the question:
      • Who’s up/down from last year, and what’s in the pipeline that will affect those dollars?

  • Sales Stage Report(No hierarchy required, but you can filter based on Salesperson)
    • Answers the question:
      • How quickly is my team moving deals through the pipeline, and what is their close ratio?

  • Revenue Summary Report(Suggested hierarchy – Account > Outlet)
    • Answers the question:
      • Is your existing customer growth and new business keeping you ahead of attrition?

  • Forecast Change Report: (Suggested hierarchy – Salesperson > Account)
    • Answers the question:
      • How accurately has your team forecasted and what changes are impacting your bottom line?
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