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How do I Build an Account List for a New Sales Executive Before they are Hired?

The most effective way to do this is to run a Multi-Year Sales History report, and filtered to ONLY include the Salespeople whose accounts will be included on this "Proposal" list to the new AE.

1. Click Reports -> Revenue tab -> Multi Year Sales History Report

2. Set up the report hierarchy to Account only.

3. Under filters section, please select only the Salespeople whose accounts will be included on the “Proposal” list to the new AE.

4. Click Run

5. Click Quarter on the top left or the report to view it by quarter

6. Select at least 2 years of history.

7. Click the Export button (the facing down arrow on the top right) to export the report to Excel.

8. Remove any account and associated billing rows that will not be part of the proposal.

9. Also remove the all "Total" rows, since this will not be accurate due to removing accounts from the original list.

10. Once this is done, Save As to a different name.

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