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How Do I Reassign an Office on an Account?

1.  Click the check each box preceding the Account(s) that you wish to reassign the Office for.  You may select more than one account, just as long as all of the accounts are being reassigned to the same Office.  And that the Salesperson on the account is going to stay as the same salesperson or are going to be reassigned to the same salesperson.

Note: If you are only reassigning the office, you must select the Salesperson’s name from the list, even if it will be assigned to the same Salesperson.

2.  From the Mass Actions menu, select Reassign Accounts. The Reassign Accounts dialog box displays.

3. Determine if you want to Reassign Now (Matrix will complete the reassignment immediately upon save) or Reassign on a particular date (Matrix will reassign the account at midnight on that date).

4.  From the right side of the screen; select the Salesperson that is currently assigned to the account(s) or to who you wish to reassign the account(s) to.  To locate someone in the list, you can use the scroll bar to look for/select the name in the list, or you can Search for the Last Name via the search field under To this Salesperson.

5.  Check the “Reassign Office on these Accounts” check box.  Then, select the Office from the list on the right side of the screen.  If the account is going to be reassigned to the “Local” office, then select “Local”.

6.  Click the Save button.

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