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Stay the Course - Overview


If used effectively, Matrix will be a powerful part of your sales arsenal that can help you maximize your revenue, and truly become Faster, Smarter, and More Efficient – BUT – you have to stick with it to gain that value!

Utilizing Matrix in your Workday

Your day-to-day interaction with Matrix can vary depending on your specific sales practices, but following the tips in these guides will start you on your way to a Matrix success story.

Matrix in your Workday - Salesperson Edition  

  • Focus on the Three Pillars of Matrix usage (Account List Management, Forecasting, & CRM), but don’t forget about the tools available that can help bring valuable information directly to you.

Matrix in your Workday - Manager Edition  

  • With proper usage Matrix is able to offer managers up-to-the-minute data on what, and how, their team is doing.  This provides unparalleled visibility, and can stream-line processes so you can spend more time strategically planning.

Moving Forward

Don’t worry, you’re never on your own when it comes to Matrix!

Matrix Support

  • When logged into Matrix
    • Live Chat – Chat with our Support Staff in real-time.
    • Submit a Ticket – Enter your question, and use the widget to take a screen shot of your screen so we can more efficiently answer your questions.
      • Submitting a ticket will automatically search our Knowledge Base for any articles related to the subject of your ticket, or you can click through and search our expansive library of articles as needed.
  • Outside of Matrix
    • Phone Support (8:30am – 6:30pm ET, Monday through Friday)
      • US and Canada: 877-687-9066 and choose option 1
      • International: +1. 412-697-3000 and choose option 1
    • Email Support
  • Group Open Learning
    • Calendar of Open Learning Sessions
      • Every week a Matrix staff members will host open learning sessions based on primary functions of Matrix usage.  Bring your questions to discuss!
  • Private Training
    • Matrix offers on-site and private webinar training, along with custom coaching programs.
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