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Coaching Performance - Overview


Now that AEs have been trained on the 3 pillars of Matrix Usage (Account List Management, Pipeline Management, and CRM) it’s time to ensure you have the data and metrics in place to drive the performance of your team.

Visibility is Key

It’s one thing to have the data, but it’s another to clearly see it.

AE Scorecard  

  • Sales Outlook & Recently Imported
    • See your AE’s numbers and imported bookings just as they do.
  • Activities
    • View Incomplete or Completed activities for last week, this week, and next week.
  • Multi Yr Trend & Yr – Yr Detail
    • View year to year monthly rev totals, or see the AEs breakdown by Outlet and Rev Type.
  • Quiet Accounts
    • Which assigned accounts have gone the longest without being contacted?
  • Notes
    • Add your notes/comments that you want to focus on with this AE.

Time to Review your Goals

In Step 1 we defined our goals. Now that we have data in the system, it’s a perfect time to step back and make sure the pieces that have been put in place still align with the direction you wish to go.


  • Check out your Forecast and Activity reports to see who’s utilizing Matrix, and who isn’t. 
    • Change can be difficult, so be sure any AEs that are feeling those pains reach out to the resources available at Matrix that will help them, and you, get the most out of this tool.


  • Alerts will provide you with the answers to your questions before they’re asked, so it’s important to review any that you’ve created, and make sure they’re feeding you actionable information that you want/need to know.
    • Also, decide if there are certain alerts you wish to push out to your team.
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