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Matrix Tools - Sales Intelligence

Reporting 2.0 comes to you in the form of Sales Intelligence from Matrix.  Analytics are available in additional dashboards and expansive reports that give you the ability to slice and dice your data, and view/understand the story it tells.

Navigating Sales Intelligence

Clicking Sales Intelligence from anywhere in Matrix will bring you right to you additional Dashboards, Reports, as well as your interface.


· Account Retention Analysis

· Activity Analysis

· Budget Analysis

· Category Profile – View category growth, yr-to-yr graph, ranking, and new business.

· New Business Analysis

· Office Profile – View office comparisons, ranking, and new business.

· Outlet Profile – View outlet comparisons, growth, ranking, and new business.

· Sales Coverage Analysis 


Sales Intelligence Reports

· Revenue Reports

o Review your retention, as well as get a detailed new business breakdown.

· Forecasting & Deals Reports

o Check out your Forecast to Budget for last year, this year, and next year.

o Better understand your pipeline, and what your expectations should be with the Budget Pipeline Report, Deal and Activity Coverage Report, and Weighted Forecast w Stages Report.

· Activity Reports

o Break down and drill into the activity data in Matrix by filtering down to anything from account priority to activity sub types.

· Premium Report Subscriptions

o The premium reports you want/need can be sent directly to you via email!

More Reports

· In need of a report that you isn’t currently available?  Check with your Success Manager to see if we can create a custom report for you!

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