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Making the most out of your customer interactions is more important now than it ever was before.  These tools will help you target and keep track of the info that will pay dividends in the long run.


Tags can keep track of accounts that were offered a particular promo, which sponsors participated in your last community golf outing, or even those contacts most interested in the free tickets to a particular event.  Tags are YOUR open-ended tool to group like contacts and/or accounts. 

Tagging Accounts and Contacts  

  • Create or Add a Tag from the Profile Page of an Account or Contact (Note: you can Mass Tag using List Builder!).
  • Retrieve your Tagged Lists by filtering your Account List or Contact List by the tag(s) you want to see.

        - You can also click a Tag from inside a Profile Page, to take you directly to that tag’s filtered list.

List Builder

Need a list of your automotive accounts based on downtown? This tool will allow you to create targeted lists of contacts or accounts based on the available data in Matrix.

Understanding List Builder

  • Configure a list using the available attributes in Matrix, along with a series of AND and OR statements, to give you the focused results that you’re looking for.
  • While viewing the list, you are also able to Add Activity, Make a Custom List based on selected accounts, Map the Results, Tag Selected Items to Mass Tag a group of accounts and you can even initiate a Mass Email when viewing a list of Contacts 

Matrix Locker

Store your important documents remotely!

Using Matrix Locker

  • Upload and View files via the Matrix Locker Tab within any Profile Page to see stored docs for that item.

        - OR upload files automatically when sending via email to a contact using Matrix Activity Tracker

  • The Matrix Locker Dashboard (Lists > Matrix Locker) will let you see all of your files, as well as Edit, Rename, Delete, or create a link to Share them.

Street Level Dashboards

Dive into the “weeds” with these Pods created to bring you actionable data.

The AE Street Level View

  • View you incomplete Activities, soon to be closing Deals, and accounts that might Churn.

 The Manager Street Level View  

  • Choose Accounts to Follow, check New Account Approval, and view Deals that are coming due.
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