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Matrix Tools - Street Level

Get into the “weeds” of your data with these dashboards that allow you to view a few specific pods that are built to give you some great actionable data.

Street Level - AEs

This is built as a one-stop-shop for AEs to see what they should be acting on soon.

What’s Next Pod

  • See what incomplete activities you have in the system currently.
    • Click on the Subject name to add/edit any notes, adjust the due date, or complete the activity

Closing Soon Pod

  • This pod will display any deals that are currently past their estimated close date, as well as any that you have estimated to close in the next 7 days.

Churn Accounts Pod

  • View your accounts that had booked last year during this month + 2, but have not yet booked any dollars for this year this month + 2.

Street Level - Managers

Catch a look at data coming into Matrix that will most definitely impact your bottom line.

 Followed Accounts Pod

  • This pod will act as a new feed for up to 20 accounts that you wish to follow.
    • You will see highlights for both Deals and Activities for those accounts.

Prospect Approval Pod

  • If your team is currently adding new accounts as Leads, the approval requests will be fed to this pod, where you can choose to approve or deny the claimed account.
  • If your team works with Prospects, you will see new prospects that have been added to the system recently.

Upcoming Pending Deals Pod

  • View current deals in the system that are either past their estimated close date, or are scheduled to close within the next 7 days.
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