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Take Action - Overview


Once you have an understanding of Account-related functionality and Pipeline Management, it’s time to combine that with power of CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

  • Here we will discuss your contacts and turning your plan into action with activities, which will give you a one-stop shop when you need to know “who, what, when and where” while selling to your clients.


Your contacts are often the keys to your accounts, so never be without that crucial information once you get them into Matrix.

  • Whether you’re entering new contacts as you meet them, or importing them from another source, Matrix makes it easy for you to enter all their info, and assign your contacts to their affiliated Account or Agency.


Utilizing Matrix to keep track of your next steps when working with clients will ensure you never have to go digging back through files, emails, or your own head, when it comes to knowing what you did last and what you have next.

  • Work your plan so next steps are outlined in Matrix, and you’ll easily be able to jot down important notes while walking out of your next meeting.
  • Matrix will also allow you to easily archive/organize important emails and files.

Tools – Targeting and Keeping Track

Aside from the standard Contacts and Activities functionality, there are a number of other features that will help you get the most out of your client interactions.

  • Tags offer the ability to group like accounts, or contacts.  Tag the ones you want to keep track of so you can easily reference them when needed.
  • List Builder will allow you to utilize any data that’s in Matrix to build a targeted list of Accounts, or Contacts.
  • Matrix Locker is your receptacle for any documents/files that you wish to store remotely.
  • The Street Level Dashboard provides both AEs and Managers with a quick and easy trip into the “weeds” to start seeing actionable details associated with what you currently have going on.
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