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CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is about building and maintaining lasting relationships with your clients by giving you a tool that provides a streamlined, and easily accessible way to keep your customers Top of Mind. 


With your contact’s information available in Matrix, you’re an Internet connection away from those details anywhere/anytime.

Entering Contacts

  • Be sure to enter as much info as you can so it’s available when you need it.
  • Remember: List the Account name in the company field for direct contacts, and the Agency name in the company field for agency contacts.

Importing Contacts

  • Contacts imported from another source need to be saved in a .CSV spreadsheet.
  • Review your import file to pull out any unwanted contacts before pushing them to Matrix.
  • The imported company name should match what is in Matrix to ensure contacts are affiliated correctly.

 Managing your Contacts

 The Contact Profile Page:

            - Bring the power of LinkedIn to your Contact Profile Page

 The Contact List:

  • Search and sort your list to bring up specific contacts.

            - Especially useful once you begin Tagging Contacts.

  • Utilize the “Mass Actions” option to send an email to multiple contacts at once


Create an action plan for your customer utilizing Activities.  This function will provide you with the ability to always be aware of where you are with your customers by having the details associated with what you’ve done, and reference for what you have coming next.

 Adding an Activity

  • Log important notes for the tasks you’ve completed, and schedule your activities forward so Matrix can remind you when you have your next steps.
  • Affiliate your activities with the all associated contacts, as well as the account, agency, and/or deal.

- Don’t forget to download activities to your calendar that you want reminders of outside of Matrix.

 Archiving Email via Matrix 

  • Download your Activity Tracker address from My Profile > Integrations to store emails you want archived.
  • Attach documents to your tracked emails to automatically have them stored in Matrix Locker.

Managing your Activities

The Activity List

  • Use your list to easily see what activities are incomplete, and check/reschedule them.

The Activity Calendar

  • Plan out your day, week, and month, while also seeing what Deals you have estimated to close.
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