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Matrix Tools - List Builder

Create focused and targeted lists of either contacts or accounts based on the available data within Matrix. 


Do you need to pull up a list of your automotive accounts based in downtown?  How about creating a list of your key contacts tagged with their favorite sports team to get the most out of that next pair of tickets that comes across your desk?  The data to pick and choose from is in Matrix, and List Builder is your compass to find the accounts or contacts you want to target.

Understanding List Builder

Building your List

  • Step 1 – Picking a List Type: Do you want to build a list of Contacts, or Accounts?
  • Step 2 – Configuring your List Criteria

                - Creating an AND statement will narrow your list.

                - Creating an OR statement will expand your list.

  • Step 3 – Choosing Report List Fields: Do you need the address associated with the results of your list?  Push “address” to the selected fields.  Rinse and repeat for any info you want included on your list, and use the up and down arrows to arrange the order of your selected info.
  • Step 4 – Review and Save : Be specific when naming your list.  This will help you pull it up easily from your phone, or even run a report on it later.

In-List Functionality

  • Mass Actions:

                        - Add and Activity to any of the selected accounts (only area where you can apply a mass-activity).

                        - Make a Custom List of the selected accounts from your larger list.

                        - Map the Results of the selected accounts, and use this function to map a day on the road.

                        - Tag Selected Items will allow you to mass-tag all of the accounts you’ve chosen at once (again, the only area in Matrix that provides this feature).

  • Additional function available with list of Contacts

                          - Send Email to the selected contacts.

Reporting on a List

Matrix offers the ability to filter a report based on a list of accounts that you’ve created.

  • Select a report template that you’d like to run on your list
  • Choose your hierarchy
  • From the Edit Report Options choose the “Filter By” tab for From List
  • Pick the list that you wish to report on
  • Click RUN 
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