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Fill the Pipeline - Overview


Using Matrix to help you hit your revenue goals.

  • These first two pillars of Matrix Usage will help streamline your practices and provide new insights and capabilities to put you on track to become Smarter, Faster, and more Efficient with your data.

Account List Management

Keeping account lists targeted and actionable is vital to maximizing the earned dollars available from your client base.

  • Matrix offers a window into your assigned accounts that allow you to keep track of important information that you can use to close that next sale while continuing to build lasting relationships with customers.
  • Whether keeping track of new accounts, or accessing history for those that have done business in your market previously, Matrix streamlines the process.

Pipeline Management

Planning for, and entering new opportunities in Matrix is made easy by utilizing the Deal.

  • Your goal is your Budget, and you can formulate how you’re going to get there with your Deals.
  • Always have insight into the business that is currently being worked/planned so you can review your pipeline, and project your forecast fluidly at any time.
  • Once a Deal is in the system they’re easily tracked, so users can reference where they stand with an existing pitch, and help prevent an opportunity from going stale, or slipping through the cracks. 

Tools – Getting the Visibility you need when YOU NEED IT

As a fully realized tool, Matrix offers the ability to make you more efficient, and in doing so, you should start to understand some of the ways Matrix brings your data to you.

  • The Bird’s Eye View is the initial overview of your business, and a great place to start digging into your data.
  • The Daily Matrix Espresso Shot email is your morning wake up to what you have cooking in Matrix.
  • Matrix Mobile puts all of your data in the palm of your hand, so you no longer have to be tethered to your desk when it comes to anything from forecasting to logging notes on a meeting you just left.
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