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Pipeline Management


Successfully utilizing the sales pipeline and forecasting tools in Matrix will provide AEs the ability to frame a sales plan for each of their accounts as they create a blueprint to hit budget, and allow management to see a more fluid and accurate sales funnel. 

Understanding Deals in Matrix 

In Matrix, the deal is your opportunity, or revenue target, with a buyer. Whether it’s a plan for an upcoming pitch, or a proposal nearing a signature, a deal offers the ability to accurately update your pipeline with any business currently on the table.

Entering Deals

There are two options for entering a Deal into Matrix:

Option 1: The Quick Deal

  • The Quick Deal provides you with the ability to easily add pending dollars to the system from either the Bird's Eye View, or Account List.

Option 2: The Full Deal

  • The Full Deal allows you to associated Contacts, Agencies, and Categories, as well as adjust the start date and timeframe of a Deal you’re working on.
  • The Full Deal allows for more than 3 forecasted lines and shows more detailed account history.

Updating Deals

Once a Deal is in the system you can easily make changes as the opportunity with your client evolves. It’s vital that your deals are up-to-date so your pipeline and forecast are accurate.

Editing a Deal

  • An account with a “$” beside it in the Bird’s Eye View or Account List has a pending deal.

            - Hover over the $ to see the deals, and click Quick Edit to jump into the Quick Deal view.

  • The Deals List (List Drop Down > Deals) provides a full view of pending deals you have in the system. 

            - Click the deal’s name to go to the Profile Page for that Deal.

  • Deal Management Page allows you to scan pending for all your accounts, and click into the Deal Profile.

Closing Deals

Once a deal is Won, or Lost, it is important that a deal status is set to Closed to ensure that your pending dollars are removed and your forecast isn’t over-inflated.

Deal Reconciliation

  • When importing revenue from your traffic system Matrix will search for an open deal that matches the booking details.  If Matrix is able to match a deal, we’ll reconcile those pending dollars for you.

- Won Deals – If Matrix did not automatically reconcile a “won” deal, update the status to Closed-Won. Note: When closing a deal as Won from the Full Deal view, check the “Remove Pending” box to clear any pending dollars.

- Lost Deals – Update the status of Deals that are lost to Closed-Lost, and enter the reason and comments so you can reference this information in the future. 

IMPORTANT: Regularly check your pending deals, and the Recently Imported Pod, to see if Matrix reconciled pending dollars (use Deal’s List to see what’s open, or go to the Deal Management Page for an alternative view).

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