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Matrix Tool's - Bird's Eye View

We call this page the Bird’s Eye View because it provides our users with a “30,000 Foot View” of their entire book of business, and offers a perfect reference point to dig further into your numbers, accounts, or your salespeople if you’re a manager.

Bird's Eye View - AE

The Sales Outlook Pod:

  • The current month of the current year will be shown by default; move back/forward in time by clicking the green arrows, or toggle Quarter or Year to see a larger chunk of time.

         - Both the graphs and grid update according to the time settings you choose.

  • Filter out things you don’t want to see by utilizing the Matrix Pencil (if filtered an *will appear next to the pencil).
  • Add Quick Deals to any account by hovering over it in the grid, and clicking the gear that appears on the right-hand side.
  • Click into the profile pages for any Accounts or Outlets.

The Recently Imported Pod:

  • This is where you can check-in daily to see what has been imported from your traffic system, and if any of your Deals have been Reconciled.
  • Click this calendar icon to adjust how far back in time you are viewing.
  • Clear remaining pending for a deal that was booked, but forecasted for more:

        - Hover over the remaining pending and remove individual months.

        - Click WIN to remove the full pending amount that is left, and close the deal as WON.

Bird's Eye View - Managers

Managers enjoy all the same functionality provided to AEs, but have visibility across the entire organization.

The Sales Outlook Pod:

  • Click an AEs name to go to the AE Scorecard.
  • Easily see your overall numbers by Rep, Office, Outlet, Rev Type, and Categories.
  • Check the Weighted Forecast box to view pending numbers based on weighting.

Additional pods:

  • Current Pacing will let you quickly see where you stand against last year, and which accounts are up/down.
  • Click into any of your Biggest Pending Deals to see the opportunities that will most impact your forecast.
  • Use My Watch List to view year to year differences for the Outlets, Offices, Categories and Rev Types of your choosing.
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