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Matrix is all about making you Faster and more Efficient, and a big part of that is bringing your data right to you, and these three tools will help provide visibility into where you stand, what you have coming up, and allow you to access what you need from wherever you are.

The Bird’s Eye View

This Dashboard in Matrix offers both AEs and Managers with a “30,000 Foot View” or their book of business.

Welcome to the Bird's Eye View - AE

  • The Sales Outlook Pod brings you your numbers based on the highlighted time frame, and allows you to create Quick Deals, and jump straight to Account Profile Pages.
  • The Recently Imported Pod shows you what has been imported from your traffic system, and should be viewed Daily to see if any of your Deals have been Reconciled.

Welcome to the Bird's Eye View - Managers  

  • The Sales Outlook Pod allows managers to see the numbers for any business underneath them, and jump over to the AE Scorecard if they want to dig into more specifics regarding a certain seller.
  • The other manager pods provide Current Pacing numbers, details on your Biggest Pending Deals, and allow you to set a Watch List to view yr to yr comparisons on the Attributes you want to watch.

The Daily Matrix Espresso Shot

Turn on this daily email from Matrix so we can bring today’s actionable info right to you first thing in the morning.

  • The AE View

- See what Activities you’ve schedule for today, what Deals are set to close soon, note some accounts that might be Churning, and check out what’s been imported from your traffic system.

  • The Manager View

- View your overall Forecast compared to Budget, who performing in your Bottom 5, see what Activity Numbers look like, and what recent Changes have occurred in your forecast.  

Matrix Mobile

There’s no reason to be tethered to your desk when it comes to taking advantage of the info and functionality of Matrix.

Accessing Matrix Mobile

  • Access Matrix Mobile from you phone’s default browser using the same URL you use on your Desktop. 

          -  Save the Matrix icon to your Home Screen so you can access Matrix like a native app moving forward.

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