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Understanding Pipeline Management and CRM


Having a solid understanding of how AEs will be utilizing Matrix for Pipeline Management and CRM allows you to better streamline existing practices, and provide new opportunities to track and establish goals that impact overall revenue.

Using Deals in Matrix 

Users will enter dollars into their Pipeline via the Deal, which provides the opportunity to track expected dollars that are simply in the Pipeline (using the Open-Proposed status), or pushed to the projected Forecast (using the Open-Pending status).   The available Sales Stages will allow you to further track where a Deal currently stands in your sales process.

Entering Deals

Users are able to enter dollars into their pipeline through one of two options.

Option 1: The Quick Deal

Option 2: The Full Deal

Updating & Closing Deals

Once a Deal is in the system it’s important to update it as the sale evolves, and also ensuring it closes when either won or lost.

Editing a Deal

  • Hover over the “$” beside an account in the Bird’s Eye View or Account List to view pending deals.
  • The Deals List (List Drop Down > Deals) provides a full view of pending deals you have in the system. 
  • Deal Management Page allows you to scan pending by AE, and their accounts.

Closing Deals

  • Matrix looks to Reconcile Deals when importing new revenue from your traffic system.
  • If a Deal is lost, or Matrix is unable to reconcile it, the user must close the Deal manually.

 - Won Deals – If not reconciled by Matrix as a “won” deal, update the status to Closed-Won. 

 - Lost Deals – The status of Deals that are lost should be adjusted to Closed-Lost.

CRM in Matrix

Deals allow the user to create a plan for their accounts as they look to hit their Budget goals, and CRM with the use of Activities, provides a tool to map the action items that will turn that plan into a reality.

  • Entering Contacts will be an important step to fully realizing the power of a CRM, by having the details associated with key people in Accounts and Agencies centrally available (especially if there is AE Turnover).
  • Adding an Activity allows the user to put their next steps in the system, while being able to easily track what has been done previously. 
  • The Activity List and The Activity Calendar offers the ability to see and plan out the day, week, or month, as well as what action items have been completed, or not. 

Managers - Reviewing AE Activities 

  • As a manager, you’ll be able to see all activities entered by your team, which provides excellent data for both coaching purposes and one-on-one prep.
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