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Reports in Matrix can be your go-to resource for analyzing your information from year-to-year revenue details, up to the minute forecasted numbers, as well as a detailed listing of the activities that you or your team logged with clients.

Welcome to Reporting in Matrix

Each report is designed to show you a different side of your data. Click into any of them to see the story that they tell (don’t worry, you won’t break anything!).

Setting up a Report

  • The first level of your Hierarchy decides what you’re running the report on. From there, drill down into your data as much, or as little, as you’d like.
  • Filter options aren’t necessary to run a report, but they can help make sure you’re looking at the part of your business you’re most interested in viewing, or you aren’t looking at the part you wish to exclude.

In-Report Functionality

  • Utilize the Matrix Pencil to change any of your initial Edit Report Options. Change the hierarchy, or add/remove filters to get a better perspective on your business without having to start from scratch.
  • Download the report to view, or print from Excel.
  • Clicking on the Account, Salesperson, or Outlet links within the report will take you directly to the profile page for that particular item.
  • Clicking the green triangle allows you to drill down to the next level of your hierarchy.

Saving and Sharing a Report

  • Once you setup a report you like be sure to SAVE it by clicking the star in the upper right corner. You can then run it fresh whenever you like from the Favorites tab.
  • Share the wealth!  Share the report framework that you built, and the other user will be able to select it from the Favorites/Shared Tab, and the report you built will run on their data.

Reports you’ll want to see:

Forecast/Weighted Forecast Report: (suggested hierarchy – Salesperson > Account > Outlet > Rev Type)

  • See what your forecast looks like, and drill into the specifics at any time with the latest projections.

Activity Report:

  • Filter out the activities you don’t want to see, so that you’re able to focus on the interactions you’re most interested in viewing.

Churn Report: (suggested hierarchy – Account > Salesperson)

  •  Check out what accounts spent this time last year, but have nothing on the books for this year.  The report shows you three months out, so you can catch churn before it happens.
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