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Matrix Tools - Defining Goals


Understanding your data and having the visibility to see what you want, when you need it, is crucial. These three tools will provide you with insight while answering crucial questions about your business.

Reporting in Matrix

Each report is designed to show you a different side of your data. Click into any of them, and choose what you want to run that report on to see the story that they tell (don’t worry, you won’t break anything!).

Setting up a Report  

  • The first level of your Hierarchy decides what you’re running the report on, then drill down from there.

In-Report Functionality  

  • Adjust the timeframe, go full screen, download the report to Excel, and more!

Saving and Sharing a Report  

  • Create a report you like, and save it so you can run it fresh with a single click.

Alerts in Matrix

Whether it’s keeping track of which Accounts are pacing behind, or monitoring how many cold calls have been logged this week, Alerts will allow Matrix to bring actionable data right to you.

Setting up an Alert

  • Multiple alerts can be created from a single rule when you set your thresholds and filter options strategically.

    Managing your Alerts

  • Edit, turn off/on, or delete your alerts from the settings option in the Alerts Dashboard.
  • View new alerts in your Espresso Shot, or when you log into your desktop or mobile Matrix site.  

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