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Defining Goals - Overview (Managers)

How do you measure performance, and what are your expectations for your sellers?

Having a clear understanding of your organization’s sales goals, from top to bottom, will be critical to ensure everyone’s efforts are directed appropriately, and in this step you’ll work to ensure those are visible in Matrix.

The most common measurement in sales is hitting your target revenue goals.

Matrix provides sellers with the opportunity to see their forecasted and booked revenue compared to their budget quickly and easily.

An AE’s Account List is their first step towards targeting their revenue goal, so Matrix offers the visibility to ensure assigned accounts are actionable by the AE’s that own them, and that all reps have equal opportunity to work available accounts.

Each AE may be different depending on experience and strengths, so it’s important to DEFINE WHAT A HEALTHY ACCOUNT LIST LOOKS LIKE. Create a balance and set standards for transactional and new business prospects.

Utilizing DEALS and ACTIVITIES within Matrix will allow AEs to create revenue goals for each of their accounts, while setting up / maintaining a plan to reach those goals.

DEALS offer a unique view of your sales pipeline and forecast that can provide a fluid and accurate understanding of your organization’s book of business.

ACTIVITIES allow users to create a plan of action with their Accounts and Contacts, and easily refer back to previous history while building valuable customer relationships.

These Matrix functions will ensure you have the visibility that you need.

- REPORTS are your first step to understanding and reviewing your data. Each reporting option will offer different levels of insight into your organization.
- ALERTS provide up-to-date information on the criteria that’s important to you, from account pacing to weekly-activity metrics.
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