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Why Do I Have Duplicate Accounts?

Duplicated Accounts could happen for a few reasons:

1. There may have been a change in the way the Account was entered in Traffic or Billing that when imported into Matrix, created the second account. 

       - For example if you had "McDonald's" in traffic and a new order had "McDonalds" there is a chance it may show as a duplicate in your account list.

2. There is a difference in the name of the Prospect account and the Billing account name that came from Traffic or Billing.

       - When working with a Prospect you may have entered "McDonald's" but the Traffic or Billing system sent "McDonalds". This would cause two Accounts to be listed.

To fix the issue, if your manager has access to Local Account Maintenance, they can merge the two names together to make them one. If they do not have that ability, you may contact Matrix Support via SUPPORT menu option located on the Matrix menu bar. The team at Matrix can merge the two names together.

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