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How Do I Remove or Delete an Account from My Account List?

In order for you to delete an account off of your list, there are a couple of things that you need to be aware of.

In the Account List, if you look at the Type column for the accounts, if it says Billing, these accounts cannot be deleted from Matrix.

If you would like a "Billing" account off of your list, you will have to let your manager know and they will have to reassign the account to another seller.

In the Account List, if the Type says Lead or Prospect, these accounts can be deleted.

To delete the account, in your Account List:

1.  Hover your mouse cursor over the name
2.  On the right you will see the gear icon
3.  Click on the gear icon
4.  Click 

If you attempt to delete a Prospect account and get a message that you cannot delete it because there is a Deal associated with it, then Deal has to be deleted first. There are a few steps to doing this, please see…How Do I Delete a Prospect with a Deal Associated to Them? to see how to do this.

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