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My Profile Integrations and Preferences

There are multiple integrations that can be set up within Matrix that will allow for the maximization of Matrix. Integrations ranging from email preferences, LinkedIn and preferences on how pages display. To access the Integration and Preferences, click My Profile from the menu bar.

The Integrations options enable Matrix to work with other applications.

Matrix Activity Email
You will use the provided, personal address when you want to save a copy of a sent email to your Activities list (in Matrix). You will only need to download the vCard once. To download the vCard, click the Download vCard link. The prompt that you receive will vary, depending on the browser that you are using. 
If you are using Outlook, it is best to select the option to Open the vCard, which automatically displays the vCard on the screen. From the vCard screen, click the Save button.
If you are using Gmail, select the option to Save the vCard. Be certain that you note where the file is being saved so that you can easily browse to its location when you import the file into Matrix. Files are typically (but not always) saved to the Downloads folder on your computer. 
Then to fully import the contacts to Gmail:

  1. Display your Gmail account.
  2. From the menu on the upper left side of the screen, select Contacts.
  3. From the left side of the screen, select Import Contacts. The Import contacts dialog box displays.
  4. Browse to the appropriate folder location (where you saved the vCard) and then choose the Matrix_Activity.vcf file that you downloaded from Matrix.
  5. Click the Import button. 
    Home Page Default
You can set your home page to the Birdseye View, Street Level, Deal Management page, or Alert Center Dashboard (if using Sales Intelligence). This selected page will initially display upon logging into Matrix. To choose a page, click the drop arrow in the field, and then select one of the options.

Deal Preferences
Updating this information can be useful if you typically sell the same outlet/revenue type and receive the same commission rate for that outlet/revenue type. These outlet/revenue type/commission rate lines will auto-populate in your new deals. You can add multiple outlet/revenue type/commission rate lines.
  • To get started, you will need to add a blank line. To do this, click the [+].To add an outlet, click the drop arrow beside the Outlet field, and then select an outlet. Note, that the list of choices are limited to the outlets that you have access to.  
  • To add a revenue type for an outlet, click the drop arrow beside the Revenue Type field, and then select a revenue type. If you do not wish to select revenue types for any of your outlets, uncheck the Use Revenue Types checkbox located to the left side of the fields. 
  • To edit a commission rate, click into the field, and then type a number. 
  • To remove an outlet/revenue type/commission rate line, click the [x] preceding the outlet name.
Default Deal Office
Automatically populates the selected office into your new deals.

Prospect Approval Emails

You can control whether or not you receive Prospect approval emails. 
  • Click the appropriate button to set your email preference. 
  • Click the button on the left for Yes, or the button on the right for No
Note: Your organization may not use the Prospect Approval functionality. After making any updates to this section, click the Save button.
Daily Matrix Espresso Shot Email

Get your daily shot of information directly from Matrix in an easy to consume email. Switching this to Yes will let you find out how your Salespeople, Offices, or Outlets are performing each day with small, focused dashboards sent out each morning to your email.

Automatically download new Activities to my calendar
Matrix makes it easy to take the activities that you fill out and place them onto your Outlook or Google Calendar.

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