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Work with the Activities Tab

To view the Account 's Profile, from the Menu Bar, move your mouse over the Lists menu and select Accounts. Then click on an Account's name that you wish to view.

Upon displaying an Account’s profile page, accessed by clicking on an Account's name, the Summary tab will be in view, by default. Click on the Activities tab to display the Activities, past and future, that are associated with this account. 

By default, all Activity records and Notes will display in the list. To display only certain records, click the Filter drop list and uncheck all of the boxes that you wish to hide from your view. 

You can add in a new Activity from the Activity tab.
1.  From the top of the Activities tab, click the Add an Activity link. The Add an Activity dialog box displays.
2.  Complete the Activity Type, Subject, Date, and Status fields, which are required
3.  Complete the optional fields, as necessary. 
4.  Click the Save or the Save & Add Another button.

NOTE:  Do not use the Email type. This is reserved for capturing emails from your email application in to an activity in Matrix.  Also, the activity types available may vary, depending on the settings set by your organization. For  example, beneath Call, you may see Cold Call and Collection. You can use these types to specifically classify your activity. Or, if you wish to just generally classify it, you can choose Call.

Incomplete Activities will appear in the upper half of the list. To view or edit an Activity:

1.  Click the Activity’s Subject, which appears in blue text next to the icon (representing the Activity Type). The Activity dialog box displays.

2.  Make updates, as necessary. To mark an Activity as Complete, click the drop down arrow in the Status field, and choose Complete.

3.  Click Save (or Save & Add Another).

To Complete an Activity, click the Complete icon located on the right side of the activity. A message appears, confirming your action.

To Delete an Activity, click the Delete icon located on the right side of the activity. A message appears, confirming your action.

If you added a Note to an Activity, you can display the notes (without actually viewing the Activity), by clicking on the show notes link directly beneath the activity’s subject. 

You can hide the Notes by clicking the hide notes link.

If you attached a Contact to the Activity, the Contact’s Name will appear in blue text. Click the Contact’s Name, to display their profile page.

Completed Activities will appear in the lower section of the list. To view a completed Activity:

1.  Click the Activity’s subject, which appears in blue text next to the icon (representing the activity type).  The Activity dialog box displays.

2.  When you are finished viewing the Activity, click the 'x' in the upper right hand corner to close.

Note: If you wish to Add a note, type the information in the Notes area, and then click Save (not Close).

You can add a Note to capture information about an Account that is not stored anywhere else in the profile. To add in a Note...

1.  From the top of the Activities tab, click the Add a Note link. The Add Note dialog box displays.
2.  In the text area, type your Note 
3.  Click the Save button.
The new Note appears in the lower section, among the Completed Activities, denoted by the notes icon .

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