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Running a Report

1.  Navigate to the Reports page, clicking Reports from the menu bar.

  • The Revenue Reports that can be run include:

         - Budget Report
         - Churn Account Report
         - Inactive Report
         - Multi-Year Sales History Report
         - Pacing Report

         - Pacing with Sales Stage Report
         - Ranking Report
         - Revenue Summary Report

  • The Forecasting and Deals Reports that can be run include:

         - Deal Status Report
         - Forecast Change Report
         - Forecasting Report

         - Sales Stage Report
         - Weighted Forecast Report

  • The Activity Reports that can be run include:

         - Activity Report

  • The More Reports that can be run include:

         - Project Report

2.  From the pod, click the appropriate report link.

3.  From the Hierarchy area, select at least one option  Note:   You can select up to five options. 
  • The hierarchy order determines how the data is nested in the report.
4.  Optional: Select filters to remove the data that you do not wish to report on or. 
  • Unchecking an item will ensure that it is not included in the report. 
  • Some reports may have an Agency Adjustment filter to reduce dollars by a predetermined amount. 
  • Not all reports and not all customers have this option available.

5.  Click the Run button.

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